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Carb Cycling to Burn Fat

Is carbohydrate cycling really an effective diet plan to get abs of steel? If you want to know how to get abs and muscles then this article will change your views on dieting and show you one of the most effective ways to burn that extra body fat. Did you know that when you diet your metabolic rate actually slows down so your body burns less fat? The most effective way to burn that extra fat is through carbohydrate cycling because it actually tricks your body into […]

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What Is Carb Cycling

Carb cycling is a very effective method for busting through fat loss plateaus, but the virtues of carb cycling don’t end there. Carb cycling is a simple yet ingenious method of carbohydrate and calorie manipulation that protects against muscle loss while in a fat loss program. It also enables a person to gain muscle while losing body fat. Carb cycling is also divine in that it subdues cravings for junk food and the urge to overeat or binge. Though most fat burners tend to have a very […]

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