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Carb Cycling for Sustained Fat Loss

Carb cycling is an advanced dieting technique that preserves muscle mass while lowering body fat. This diet is best recommended for people in the 10% – 15% (for males) body fat range who want to get as lean as possible and show off that six pack. For people above the 15% body fat level, a more basic eating healthy while exercising routine is recommended. The main reason is that carb cycling requires strong willpower and a healthy body. Most people with greater than 15% body fat lack […]

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Carb Cycling for Maximum Fat Loss

High carbs, low carbs, moderate carbs, depending on who you talk to, you will likely hear one of these recommendations being touted as the optimal approach to maximum fat loss. So what’s the truth? The truth of the matter is that there is really no one best way. Each of the above methods has been used by countless people, from bodybuilding and fitness competitors all the way to your every day gym rat, and used successfully at that. In actuality, how many carbs you are eating is […]

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