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Is Carb Cycling Hollywoods Best Kept Secret Diet?

What is the best low carb diet plan? Out of all the diets out there (Atkins, South Beach etc.) what might be the most effective one? After spending a lot of time learning about nutrition and fitness, I have come across a diet that, upon asking around, people in my gym swear by. And according to my fitness instructor, Hollywood swears by it as well. It’s a new twist to the old low carbohydrate-high protein diet and an advance fat loss technique that is called ‘carbohydrate cycling’. […]

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Carb Cycling Diet

From trick-or-treat candy to New Year’s cocktails, the next few months will be filled with culinary temptations. Is it possible to enjoy the holidays without packing on extra pounds? Dr. Roman Malkov says you can, if you follow some important guidelines. Dr. Malkov, who is renowned sports medicine specialist, has developed an eating and wellness plan based on the idea of carb cycling. This approach is very different than typical low-carb diets. People who follow a carb cycling diet not only lose weight, they also often report […]

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