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Is Carb Cycling Hollywoods Best Kept Secret Diet?

What is the best low carb diet plan? Out of all the diets out there (Atkins, South Beach etc.) what might be the most effective one? After spending a lot of time learning about nutrition and fitness, I have come across a diet that, upon asking around, people in my gym swear by. And according to my fitness instructor, Hollywood swears by it as well. It’s a new twist to the old low carbohydrate-high protein diet and an advance fat loss technique that is called ‘carbohydrate cycling’. […]

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Carb Cycling for Sustained Fat Loss

Carb cycling is an advanced dieting technique that preserves muscle mass while lowering body fat. This diet is best recommended for people in the 10% – 15% (for males) body fat range who want to get as lean as possible and show off that six pack. For people above the 15% body fat level, a more basic eating healthy while exercising routine is recommended. The main reason is that carb cycling requires strong willpower and a healthy body. Most people with greater than 15% body fat lack […]

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What Is Carb Cycling

Carb cycling is a very effective method for busting through fat loss plateaus, but the virtues of carb cycling don’t end there. Carb cycling is a simple yet ingenious method of carbohydrate and calorie manipulation that protects against muscle loss while in a fat loss program. It also enables a person to gain muscle while losing body fat. Carb cycling is also divine in that it subdues cravings for junk food and the urge to overeat or binge. Though most fat burners tend to have a very […]

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