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From trick-or-treat candy to New Year’s cocktails, the next few months will be filled with culinary temptations. Is it […]

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Carb cycling is a very effective method for busting through fat loss plateaus, but the virtues of carb cycling […]

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How Many Carbs Per Day to Lose Weight

I’ve probably listened to this issue questioned far more instances than I can add up and the answer I give is by no means really what most of the people assume. See, I firmly think that controlling your body’s weight is solely in accordance with calories in and calories out. Whenever you ask the question “How many carbs per day to lose weight?”, you’re actually questioning what type of health and fitness benefits you can obtain during the day according to your food options instead of your […]

Carb Cycling for Getting Cut

Carb cycling is a really good way of getting super cut for summer, yet still maintaining size, strength and still enjoying those little rewards! Carb cycling is not the proviso of the bodybuilding world as some might think, but can be used with nearly everyone who wants to cut a bit of weight. With many of my personal training clients I have them start on a carb cycling program to really help shift stubborn fat. As a personal trainer its my job to make sure people reach […]

Carb Cycling an Alternative to Low Carb Diets

As a sports medicine nutritionist, I am concerned about the lack of awareness and confusion people have over the best way to lose weight. In the 1990’s, we were erroneously told that all fat was bad for us. Now, carbs are being blamed for America’s increasing waistline. Even some athletes have fallen into the low-carb trap. I urge you not to make this same mistake. If you want to lose weight, build muscle, have tons of energy, and even improve your skin and sex drive – you […]

Carb Cycling to Burn Fat

Is carbohydrate cycling really an effective diet plan to get abs of steel? If you want to know how to get abs and muscles then this article will change your views on dieting and show you one of the most effective ways to burn that extra body fat. Did you know that when you diet your metabolic rate actually slows down so your body burns less fat? The most effective way to burn that extra fat is through carbohydrate cycling because it actually tricks your body into […]